E-Learning + Training

From healthcare administrators to clinicians to consumers, everyone can benefit from on-demand access to the latest information—whether it is to improve patient retention or efficiently train an offsite team. This is where e-learning becomes useful and important.

To be effective across languages, cultures, and learning levels, e-learning courses and materials should be localized to suit the target audience. Localization of e-learning and training materials consists of translating texts and learning resources, translating voice-overs of training videos and modifying the interactive components of the training.

The fact is learning is always more effective when you are consuming it in your own language. Welocalize Life Sciences is experienced at localizing e-learning content and strong believers that it isn’t just what you say, it is how you say it and how you deliver it. We offer a full suite of linguistic, technical, and production services to create and manage digital assets, voice-overs, transcription, dubbing, and subtitling. Our localization engineers work with a wide variety of content publishing tools and learning management systems (LMS).

Global Marketing

Welocalize Life Sciences’ global marketing experts help life sciences companies:

  • Increase patient recruitment and comprehension. Translated educational resources can help boost patient retention, while translations of patient-facing marketing materials and websites educate patients using terms and the language they understand.
  • Realize long-term patient engagement. Tailored local language communications help ensure long-term patient engagement.
  • Build connections. Multilingual print and digital content helps connect your product with a diverse group of clinical and patient audiences.
  • Expand into more markets. Bring your therapy or device into new markets with messaging and materials that resonate with local audiences.


Using professional interpreters with experience in the medical or regulatory field is paramount. Interpreters who understand the critical nature of accurate translation and the nuances of a highly-regulated environment mitigate risk and ensure safe outcomes.

Welocalize Life Sciences’ medical and healthcare interpreting services provide on-site and over-the-phone interpreters for your global communication needs, from one-on-one interactions to large-scale conferences. Our interpreters are qualified medical linguists with subject matter and industry expertise who will represent you with the highest level of professionalism.

Professional medical interpreting services in 250+ languages

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI)
  • Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)
  • Liaison or escort interpreting


Patient Engagement

Clinical research is expensive. When a study does not reach minimum participation thresholds, companies stand to lose millions of dollars, not to mention the lost opportunity of improved healthcare. Communicating with a patient in their language improves study retention, increases engagement, reduces risk and ensures safer outcomes.

Welocalize Life Sciences’ in-market specialists are medical translation experts and native-level language speakers who specialize in translating culturally appropriate advertisements, brochures, surveys and patient-facing communication and education resources.

  • Patient Brochures
  • Patient Surveys
  • Recruitment Ads
  • Patient Information Sheets (PIS)
  • Posters + Flyers
  • Retention Booklets
  • Product Brochures
  • iPhone Applications
  • Social Media
  • Websites + Digital Ads

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