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Welocalize leads the industry in innovation that drives interoperability, scale, and efficiency as enterprises continue to expand globally.

Whether to streamline complexity through automation, deepen capabilities through strategic acquisitions, or integrate technology-enabled solutions, innovation at its core is about enabling business transformation.

Welocalize celebrates and cultivates innovation as a mindset and as a practice.


Clinical Trial Portal

Clinical trials are increasingly conducted on a global scale. The process can be lengthy, complex and costly. The translation challenge for global clinical trials is how do you estimate, track, and control across multiple studies? You need full visibility of each study.

Welocalize Life Sciences’ proprietary Clinical Trial Portal easily estimates, tracks, and controls the translation of clinical trial documentation. In addition to the Clinical Trial Portal, Welocalize Life Sciences has developed a solution for estimating translation costs prior to study launch: The Translation Budgeting Tool. Our Translation Budgeting Tool goes beyond tracking spend, allowing you to estimate the associated translation costs for an entire clinical trial prior to launching the study. The data is based on first-hand knowledge of the document translation requirements by country/site location gained over 20+ years of experience in global clinical trials.

Benefits include:

  • Single location for all clinical trial documents
  • User-friendly translation dashboard
  • Secure file exchanges
  • Document version control
  • Centralized + streamlined processes
  • Reduction of internal costs
  • 24/7 access

The Power of Humans, Technology + Data

Machine Intelligence

Regulated sectors like pharmaceuticals and medical devices must balance growth with changing regulatory requirements, patient data security, process transparency, and market competition.  

In particular, there is unprecedented growth in the volume of digital content for a global audience. Companies must create, discover, manage, and secure this multilingual content and data. This multifaceted challenge requires language solutions that blend people, processes, and automation. That’s where enabling technologies play an important role to augment linguists and subject matter experts. 

In the area of language automation, Welocalize Life Sciences expert teams include natural language processing (NLP) and computational linguists, data scientists, and software engineers. Our specialists develop automation solutions to increase content and data throughput while maintaining required quality levels. Machine intelligence is applied to automating workflows like project quotations and budget management. Machine intelligence is also applied to linguistic quality assessment tools to support professional translators. The business result is increased productivity and enhanced quality review cycles. 

In the area of quality testing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI), Welocalize Life Sciences mobilizes global talent and technology to achieve operational scale and agility.  

Our core competencies include: 

  • Global operational expertise in delivering a professionally managed workforce of curated crowds, on-demand language resources, and specialized teams for critical content or data projects 
  • A flexible, scalable delivery model, with deployments for on-client premises, secured off-site facilities and testing labs, or a hybrid solution 

Examples of our solutions for multilingual content and data, including high quality training data for machine learning: 

  • Linguistic + UX testing 
  • Semantic search 
  • Search relevance 
  • Personalization 
  • Content moderation 
  • Transcription (text, audio, visual) 
  • Automatic speech recognition  

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