Fresh Approaches to Digital Patient Recruitment Campaigns


8:00 AM PDT / 11:00 AM EDT / 4:00 PM BST
Join our life sciences marketing experts for tried and tested digital attraction techniques to develop your patient recruitment campaigns.


How AI Is Turbocharging the Patent Process


8:00 AM PDT / 11:00 AM EDT / 4:00 PM BST
The patent process is notoriously slow. In this webinar, learn how AI has the potential to speed it up.

Colorful tech illustrations

NLP in Digital Content. Who’s BERT?


8:00 AM PDT / 11:00 AM EDT / 4:00 PM BST
Using NLP and BERT, how can you increase the overall performance of digital marketing and SEO campaigns in multiple language markets? Join experts Gurdeep Gola and Natasha Latysheva in this live webinar.

Charts and Graphs with Intersecting Lines

Fresh Perspectives on Localized Content ROI


8:00 AM PDT / 11:00 AM EDT / 4:00 PM BST

Join our live webinar and listen to experts Jon Boon and Ryan Webb share insights on how to demonstrate the value of multilingual content and bring a culture of data literacy into localization teams.


The AI Summit

New York

Innovation is happening at the intersection of digital marketing content and NLP. Welocalize CEO Smith Yewell is on stage to present “Performance Linguistics: The Engine to AI Success”.


Global Transformation Summit


Join us for the next European GTS in Amsterdam. Take part in the latest discussions on digital, content, and data transformation. Networking and knowledge sharing – 2pm – 5pm followed by dinner.


Global Transformation Summit

Silicon Valley

Join us for the latest discussions on content and data transformation. With guest speakers and hosts, GTS Silicon Valley will give attendees valuable insights and networking opportunities.




Differences in regulatory approval requirements can lead to duplicative testing, delays in product approval, and higher costs. Meet us at #2019RAPS to discuss harmonization and regulatory translation.



Las Vegas

Park IP experts present the latest technology solutions for optimizing the translation of critical documents for patent filing, corporate matters, and e-discovery. Learn how we partner with legal departments to “run like a business”.


Legal Tech


Meet us at Legaltech 2019 to view a demo of intelligent automation for multilingual legal documents. Learn how Park IP blends professional expert review with AI to accelerate discovery cycles and minimize review errors.


Partnerships In Clinical Trials Europe

Barcelona, Spain

Meet Welocalize Life Science’s experts who have extensive experience working with clinical trials, and regulatory agencies around the globe.


DIA Annual Canadian Meeting

Ottawa, Ontario

Join Welocalize Life Sciences experts to discuss challenges in healthcare product development. Marta Motta is presenting a session on October 30.


AIPLA Annual Meeting

Washington, DC

Meet our legal experts, Park IP Translations to get a live look at their global e-discovery solution for optimal results and speed.


Booth # Coming Soon!


LocWorld38 Seattle

Seattle, Washington

Meet Welocalize and guest SME speakers during a range of topics at LocWorld38.


Find us at booth #124


LocLeaders Seattle

Seattle, Washington

LocLeaders IdeaLab. Digital Transformation Journey, 12pm – 5pm followed by 7:30pm Dinner


2018 RAPS Regulatory Convergence

Vancouver, British Columbia

Meet Welocalize Life Science’s experts to discuss the latest in the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.


Find us at booth #706


Brighton SEO

Brighton, London

Meet Adapt Worldwide’s digital marketing experts to discuss the latest in SEO, social media, ASO, SEM and more.


Find us at booth #B-18


IPO Annual Meeting

Chicago, Illinois

Meet our legal experts, Park IP Translations to get a live look at their global e-discovery solution for optimal results and speed.


Find us at booth #16.



Cologne, Germany

Meet Welocalize digital marketing experts to learn about getting your content global-ready and optimized for driving marketing performance.


Find us at Hall 7.1, Booth #E-023


Accelerating E-Discovery


Learn how innovation in language detection and machine translation are used to translate and review massive volumes of multilingual documents required in litigation cases.


Google Cloud Next ’18 Conference

San Francisco, California

Google AutoML welcomes Welocalize as an early access partner. At this event, the team of experts present findings on neural machine translation (NMT) customized by Welocalize for select domains and languages.


DIA Annual Meeting

San Diego, California

Meet Welocalize Life Sciences experts and learn how we support clinical trial documentation, reduce risks, costs and reduce time to market.


LocLeaders Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

IdeaLab: Practice Innovation
Wed 6 June 2018


LocWorld37 Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

Meet Welcoalize and guest SME speakers discussing a range of topics at LocWorld37. Speak to one of our experts at booth #117 + #120.


BIO International Convention

Boston, Massachusetts

Meet with Welocalize Life Sciences and Park IP Translations to discuss language services for regulated content, patents, clinical research and more.



LocLeaders London

London, United Kingdom

Tasty Innovation in 3-Courses

6:30pm Tues 22 May 2018


Berkeley PM Round Table

Berkeley, CA

Welocalize moderates a discussion on Localization Platforms and Management Tools hosted by The Localization Institute.


TAUS Executive Forum Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Welocalize Japan team presents “The Evolving Role of the Strategic Project Manager in Japan’s Localization Industry”


Outsourcing In Clinical Trials Europe

Barcelona, Spain

Meet Welocalize Life Sciences’ experts to discuss the latest in clinical operations and see a demonstration of our Clinical Trial Portal.


LocLeaders Silicon Valley

Palo Alto California

Tasty Innovation in 3-Courses
6:30pm Thurs 10 May 2018


TAUS Webinar


Welocalize CIO Chris Grebisz joins other LSP executives to discuss “The Redesign of the Translation Business”.


Brighton SEO

Brighton, London

Meet Adapt Worldwide’s digital marketing experts to discuss the latest in SEO, social media, ASO, SEM and more.


TAUS Asia Conference Beijing

Beijing, China

Welocalize shared insights on “Enabling Chinese Brands for Global Success”


AMTA 2018 Boston

Boston, Massachusetts

The Welocalize NMT team discussed MT research and commercial applications.


GALA 2018 Boston

Boston, Massachusetts

Welocalize reviewed the latest Insight Briefings on key globalization trends and practices.


Scope Summit 2018

Orlando, Florida

Welocalize Life Sciences engaged with clinical operations executives at SCOPE 2018 and demonstrated their solution that estimates and tracks translation costs for global clinical trials.


Legaltech New York

New York, New York

Missed us at Legaltech 2018 in New York? Contact us to see a demo of global e-discovery solution enabling human review and machine translation for optimal results and speed.