Successful Multilingual Customer and Patient Experience

welocalize November 17, 2020

For life sciences companies striving for global growth by targeting international audiences or those that are engaging with multilingual patients, customer experience (CX) is a critical driver of success 

According to CSA Research“…brands need to apply a culturally relevant, customer-centric focus to all business decisions to meet consumer’s diverse expectations and gain competitive advantage within the global marketplace.”  

“Today’s consumers do not buy just products or services— more and more, their purchase decisions revolve around buying into an idea and an experience”. McKinsey & Company 

Here are three areas life sciences companies can focus on to help achieve success in global CX: 

Understand the Touchpoints 

Awareness of the individual interactions through which consumers engage with your brand is vital – from physical stores, websites, social media, online reviews, and digital advertising through to customer support, the checkout process and shipping. Each touchpoint must accurately and consistently represent the brand and desired messaging, whilst having sensitivity of the local markets and cultures of each country to deliver an authentic CX.   

“Our 2020 findings show that if a company chooses to not localize the buying experience they risk losing 40% or more of the total addressable market—the consumers that prefer selecting and buying products at local-language sites.” CSA Research, Can’t Read, Won’t Buy – B2B, 2020 

Balance Global Consistency + Local Relevance 

Nowadays, creating a consistent, recognizable brand is crucial for building trust and a strong reputation within international marketsHowever, using identical strategies for different countries and cultures can result in opportunities for engagement being overlooked. So how do you strike the right balance between maintaining global brand consistency whilst ensuring cultural and market relevance?  

Simply translating website or e-commerce content won’t cut it. Localizing content to meet the language and local expectations is a must. By tailoring and adapting content to consider cultural differences, contexts, and local nuances, brands can reduce market entry barriers to capture more market share and speed up growth.  

Managing multiple international, multilingual campaigns can be a complex process and a huge challenge, especially if teams are fragmented across the globe. CSA Research identifies that on average, companies commit less budget and resources towards supporting CX in other non-English speaking countries, yet English is widely used in only a few major economies. Aligning teams and moving towards a centralized approach, alongside dedicating sufficient resources, allows for a more manageable process to develop localized content, thus enhancing customer interactions within local markets and attaining significant ROI. 

Use the Power of Data 

To deliver a high-quality CXorganizations must truly understand their customers, their needs, pain points, habits and local preference, which are all powered by data. Today’s digital world has shifted customers’ priorities and they have increasingly high expectations – 91% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from brands that provide offers and recommendations that are personalized and relevant. By tapping into your data, you can drive increased and better engagement with your audience, whilst prioritizing areas where it will be most effective, to consistently meet your customers’ wants and needs.  

 Read more about how to uncover actionable insights from your data here. 

Companies face a huge challenge to manage multilingual customer and patient engagement. A shift in approach and mindset is required to execute a truly relevant, customer-first experience to build long term relationships and accelerate business worldwide.  

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