Translation of Patient Retention Materials

Welocalize Life Sciences is uniquely qualified to support all of the multilingual initiatives for highly regulated industries. Our objective is to ensure that the language services we provide are accurate and submission ready, ensuring the most rapid time to market for products while mitigating risk.

Patient retention is defined as the strategy and tactics designed to keep patients enrolled in clinical trials, and from discontinuing participation or “dropping out.” How pervasive are problematic patient retention rates in clinical trials? According to Forte Research the average dropout rate across all clinical trials is around 30 percent. Although it is a patient’s right to drop out from a trial, there are definitely some reasons patients cite as to why they discontinue study participation, including misunderstanding of expectations.

Communicating In-Language

Our client is a global patient recruitment firm for clinical trials. Several patient retention materials required translation for all the countries involved in a global clinical trial consisting of three protocols. Each country required a different set of patient retention materials, and each country had multiple sites that required site-specific customizations for the patient retention materials.

From Bulgarian to Polish to multiple variations of Spanish and English, find out how Welocalize Life Sciences worked with a patient recruitment firm to develop a customized process, ensuring that all translations were completed according to each country and each site’s specifications.

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