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The Importance of Colors, Timing, Messaging and Culture

Localization goes beyond just language. It makes certain your content resonates with your global audience on a personal and cultural level. As companies become more global, it is important to understand the potentially diverse meanings of colors, images, traditions and holidays from one country to another.

Colors. Around the world, the way different cultures see and describe the meanings of colors varies dramatically. Colors may convey joy or prosperity in one culture, and doom or bad luck in another. In African nations, yellow is reserved only to people of high rank because of its close resemblance to gold, which is associated with money, quality and success. Find out more about the different meanings of color around the world in our recent blog post.

Holidays. It’s easy to assume that because you celebrate Mother’s Day at a certain time each year, that your customers and associates in another country do, as well. For example, a 1950 law in France establishes the “fetes des meres” on the fourth Sunday in May, except when it overlaps with Pentecost, in which case it’s pushed back a week. Find out more about the different holidays around the world in our recent blog post.

Tone. Because messages are expressed differently throughout the world, both in written and spoken languages, conveying meaning can easily be lost in translation. One of the most important aspects in Japanese language is that there are different tones or voices depending on the speaker, the listener, level of formality and situation. Therefore, messages are written specific to the sender and the receiver.

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