Meet Us This Fall to Prepare for a Successful Global Launch

From generic competition to cost control, the stakes for a successful drug or device launch have never been higher. How can you ensure you are reaching as many clinicians, patients, consumers and providers as possible? Prepare for a successful global launch.

Welocalize Life Sciences can help.  Find out how we ensure each piece of content is relevant and culturally appropriate for the target audience and market. Read our article on the topic.

Global Scale for Translating Regulated Content

Welocalize Life Sciences operates on a global scale, providing language services to life sciences companies throughout the entire product journey:

  • More than 26 million words translated per year
  • Over 15,000 projects per year
  • Completed over 155 clinical studies with 60 different sponsors
  • History of 99% on-time delivery

Where to Find Us This Fall

For over 20 years we have supported the multilingual needs of the world’s leading life sciences companies, from patent translation to commercialization. Contact us to schedule a meeting at these events to find out how Welocalize Life Sciences can help you manage highly regulated content in multiple languages.

1 – 4 October: 2018 RAPS Regulatory Convergence, Vancouver, British Columbia. Meet Welocalize Life Science’s experts in booth #706 to discuss the latest in the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

30 – 31 October: DIA Annual Canadian Meeting, Ontario, Canada: Join Welocalize Life Sciences experts to discuss challenges in healthcare product development. Marta Motta is presenting a session in the digital track on October 30.

27-29 November: Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe: Meet Welocalize Life Science’s experts who have extensive experience working with clinical trials and regulatory agencies around the globe.