Welocalize gives to Translators without Borders

Simple Ways to Create a Culture of Giving

Does your organization give back to a non-profit, either by providing in-kind products and services, donating money or property, or volunteering? Here are a few simple ways your company can create a culture of giving during the holiday season and throughout the year.

Contribute in times of crises. There are numerous non-profit organizations that mobilize and deploy disaster relief efforts to the people affected by natural disasters or a regional crisis. From the Red Cross to Doctors without Borders to TWB, these organizations are often the first relief people see immediately after tragedy has hit or their only source of basic goods and services. The Economist recently reported on how language problems can bedevil the response to crises. TWB bridges language gaps faced by people during humanitarian crises. Watch and share a short video here that underscores these efforts. [Spoiler alert: Welocalize Life Sciences loves the work of TWB and has been a proud sponsor for over seven years.]

Connect your company’s business to a community partner’s mission. Companies understand that they can make a difference to social change but connecting their business goals to a broader community’s needs. For many life sciences companies, focusing on health-related causes locally and globally creates that clear alignment. Examples include donating to the enhancement of a pediatric treatment and research facility or anchoring the focus of corporate citizenship to investing in building community-based partnerships to deliver better medical services and technology.

Match your employees. Some companies choose to match their employees’ contributions to company-approved charities. This can be executed by selecting one or two charities for your organization to support and then giving employees the options to contribute in the pre-selected charity matching programs. Or, you can have each employee submit their contributions to charity for individual evaluation by the company’s program manager. Matching gift programs do a lot to encourage employee loyalty. Each year, Charity.org highlights the top 10 matching gift companies and their programs.

Organize a charity event or day. Have a “back-to-school” drive during the summer to gather supplies for local children or arrange to have a food drive and collect items for a local pantry or shelter. Other examples include collecting spare change, blankets, and pet food for an animal shelter or adopting a local family (via a charity, the military, etc.) for the holidays. Organizations like DonorsChoose.org are great starting places for ideas.

Be in-kind. Whether your organization prints collateral or fixes appliances, there is an opportunity to offer in-kind services to individuals in need or charities. In-kind services are another way to give back by donating your company’s skills or services at a free or discounted rate to qualified non-profits.

Start a team. Get a group of employees together and get involved in the community. Have your team walk together in a charity 5k and wear employer-sponsored matching shirts. Or, set up special volunteer projects, such as an employee beach or park clean-up day. Consider organizing your projects during working hours so that you encourage participation and demonstrate that giving back is important.

Share your miles and points. If your organization accrues miles for travel and can’t use them all before they expire, rather than lose them, donate them. Contact your specific airline to determine the appropriate procedure for donating airline miles to a charity organization. Each airline has a different procedure, so it will be necessary to research the appropriate method of donation.

By integrating charitable giving you can build a workplace where employees are inspired to give, both to their company and to the community.