Name + title:  Silvie Peric, Quality and Training Manager

Office location: Irvine California

Hire date: July 2007

Where were you born? Pforzheim, Germany

Languages spoken: German, French, English and a some Croatian

What did you study at university (and where)?  MA in Localization/Business Management at Monterey Institute of International Studies, and MA in Psychology in Education at Columbia University NYC.

If you could learn any language, which would you pick and why?  An Asian language as the different writing system would be intriguing to master.

Do you have a bucket list? What is something you are hoping to check off the list soon?  I would like to travel to Pokhara, Nepal (it’s on my to-do list for 2019).

What are you most proud of (personally and/or professionally)?  Professionally, having stayed with one company for 11 years.

What are your best tips for keeping projects on task? Don’t be afraid of a messy desk, there can be organization in chaos. I like handwritten to-do lists, and color-coding.

Why are ISO certifications important and why would these certifications be important to our clients?  Beyond ISO standards, ISO compliance demonstrates that throughout the entire organization we value risk-based thinking and a process-driven approach—all of which are important in highly regulated industries. Read more here.

Any examples where our ISO processes have helped our clients? Yes, our ISO processes help with traceability and data retrieval. With ISO came the usage of a default folder structure, which at Welocalize Life Sciences is the same for every project. This has often helped us to quickly and more easily find documents from past projects.