Meet Marta Motta, the director of client solutions for Welocalize Life Sciences.

Marta is responsible for implementing best practices, processes and technology solutions for life sciences industry customers. She works closely with the sales team to ensure that the company’s philosophy, Customer First, is implemented in every aspect of day-to-day activities.

Find out more about Marta.

Hire date: 4th January 2016

Where were you born?  I was born in Varese, Italy, a small town near Lake Maggiore. It is near Lake Como, which is widely popular now thanks to George Clooney.

Languages spoken: Italian, English and Spanish

What did you study at university? I studied Languages at the Milan State University and then Translations in London at the London Metropolitan University.

If you could learn any language, which would you pick and why? Russian, I studied it for three years as, I love their writing, but I definitely need to pick it up again.

What are you most proud of (personally and professionally)? Professionally, I’m very proud of the team I’m working with and all the amazing things we have achieved in a very short period of time, including two acquisitions. Personally, I’m very proud of my family.

What is your day-to-day work like at Welocalize Life Sciences? I work closely with the sales team to make sure we work with all locations and division of each of our customers. I also work very closely with the production team to make sure we implement best practice for each of our customers.

What are your best tips for keeping projects on task? Keep your diary updated and check it daily. I also like to have a to-do list and cross off things that I have completed. It’s such a nice feeling to cross something off the list.

What life sciences publications or resources do you recommend? Attending industries conferences is key, as they are very informative. I also always read the news sections of our customers’ website. As for life sciences publications, I like BioPharma Reporter.

Do you have a bucket list? What is something you are hoping to check off the list soon? Next on my bucket list is improving my yoga practice. I have been doing it for few years, but I do feel I need to dedicate a bit more time in order to improve my practice.

What travel destination is next on your list and why? I have two trips that I really would like to do: one is going to Peru and the second is to visit South Africa. I would like to visit Peru and Machu Picchu, as I think there are unique places, and South Africa because I would like to dive with sharks, although I might get scared once I am there.