Name + Title: Daniel Legaria-Campuzano, Sr. Client Services Director, Welocalize Life Sciences

Office location: Irvine, California

Hire date: September 2005

Where were you born? Morelia, Mexico

What did you study at university? I started university in Mexico with a focus on international business and trade. When I moved to the United States (Portland, Oregon) at the age of 20, I had to transfer some credits and re-take a few other classes to continue my studies. In the end, I graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration.

Languages spoken: English and Spanish

If you could learn any language, which would you pick and why? French and Italian. I have always liked how they sound and I have been close to these languages in my life one way or another. I attempted learning both languages a few times since high school, but I have never been able to achieve fluency. There is still time to achieve this!

What life sciences resources and publications do you recommend? Face-to-face meetings are not as common in today’s digital world however I’ve always believed they are very important listening and learning opportunities. The summer months are very busy for Welocalize Life Sciences as we travel to a variety of industry events, including DIA Annual Meeting, BIO International, and Localization World. This gives us the opportunity to meet with our customers and form new relationships as well as keeping on top of industry trends and learnings. In addition to conferences and events, industry publications such as Life Science Leader and FiercePharma keep me updated on a rapidly changing marketplace.

Any trends you’re seeing or hearing in the life sciences industry? In general, the trend in pharma companies and healthcare systems is toward an interactive approach that gives patients more focused information about the drugs they are taking and how to manage their conditions. This patient-first business model helps establish these companies as valued partners of consumers and patients. To productively collaborate with patients, pharma companies and healthcare organizations continue to find ways to communicate with them, which includes social media, wearables and other digital means. We wrote about this trend in the January issue of Global Communicator, as well as other industry challenges, such as pricing pressures.

What are you most proud of (personally and/or professionally)?  Personally, I am very proud of my family and especially my son; he is truly the light of my eyes. Professionally, I am very proud of my achievements as a professional. At age 20, I left a very comfortable life in Mexico owning a successful family business to start plowing my own path. Since then, I have truly learned the value of hard work, integrity and committing to do what I love best every day. In my current and previous leadership roles, I have been given the opportunity to help individuals achieve their own goals, career paths and growth, whether it is inside our organization or for their future somewhere else. I am always very proud to see people on my teams get promoted and see them do well in their careers by achieving their own goals. At Welocalize, I also feel very proud of the impact we have in the world by helping our customers become global, making it possible for people to have access to content or products that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them. There was a customer who pointed out to me how we should be very proud of what we do, as it impacts a couple billion people every day of our lives. This has stuck in my head ever since.

Do you have a bucket list? What is something you are hoping to check off the list soon? Honestly speaking, there are very few things I put on a bucket list. I have been incredibly fortunate in my life in the sense that most things I have ever wanted to do, I simply do them—except for a couple of weeks vacationing in Greece, which I hope I can get off my list soon.

There is also one big thing I have always wanted to do since I was very young, which is to build a children’s home or get heavily involved with an existing and trustworthy organization in Mexico to end the situation for children living in the streets without food, shelter or any possibility of a change in their lives. There are so many ways to get involved and, due to time and logistic constraints, I have simply not been able to get this off the ground at a greater scale. This is the one thing I want to do before I leave this world.