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The life sciences industry operates in a world of regulations. These regulations govern the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices to help protect their safety and efficacy, the patients that use them, and the people who produce them. In this issue, Hugo Riu, Quality and Training Director at Welocalize Life Sciences, shares why ISO certifications and a risk-based, process-driven approach is important to life sciences companies and their vendors. We also look at the EU’s medical device industry and the shift to the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) in 2020.

Our language focus for this issue is German. Our team has compiled numerous German language and medical device industry data points to help you on your global journey. Plus, a few German native language speakers and production experts at Welocalize Life Sciences offer translation and DTP tips to consider—from marketing to text expansion to selecting gender-neutral words. We also introduce you to Cristóbal Pérez, Business Development Director at Welocalize Life Sciences in our Barcelona office, and update you on where you can meet our team next month.

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