Meet Cony Rolón, Client and Technical Services Manager at Welocalize Life Sciences.

Office location: Irvine, California

Hire date: February 2012

Where were you born? Colima, Mexico

Languages spoken: Spanish and English

What did you study at university (and where)?

Mathematics, University of California Santa Cruz

Cultural Anthropology Research, Postgraduate, University of California Santa Cruz

If you could learn any language, which would you pick and why? Japanese, the culture and language fascinate me; grace and precision.

What language services do we provide for clinical trials? We partner with our clients to assist them on their journey in global life sciences research and provide customized solutions. Our language services are comprehensive, and with leading industry technology we are able to leverage our global talent and subject matter experts. Our service offerings within life sciences include:

  • Technical Documentation: Pharmacological Studies, Clinical Trial Protocols
  • Linguistic Validation Studies: Patient-Reported Outcomes PROs, Quality of Life QoL Measures
  • Multilingual Digital Marketing: Patient Recruitment Materials, Product Manuals and Labelling, Packaging and Inserts
  • Software and Mobile Apps, Global Marketing, Web, Digital, Multimedia
  • Transcreation, Cultural Adaptation, Copywriting, Quality Review + Validation

Can you give an example of a trial we have worked on that required specialized industry knowledge? We have some amazing stories with regards to our impact in helping clinical trial research, I am especially moved by pediatric research. We recently assisted in a longitudinal research trial for children and adolescents diagnosed with a condition that destroys red blood cells (Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria). By localizing content so that it is understood by the participants including tone and register, we are able to bridge language gaps and facilitate advancements in treatments.

What are you most proud of (personally and/or professionally)? Specializing on the technical side, creating and collaborating with transformational teams to continue to be industry experts and leaders. Seizing opportunities to cultivate curiosity!

Do you have any special plans for the holiday season? I plan to slow down during the holidays and enjoy my family and community. A trip up to the mountains with friends, volunteering at my favorite bookstore, books, movies, board games and time with the cat are all in good order.

Is there a charity or a non-profit organization that you are passionate about? What is it and why is it important to you? I am a big fan of the local Assistance Leagues. Each Assistance League chapter exists to serve the unique needs and challenges of their community. I like to support the local Assistance League of Irvine and Santa Ana, it’s great to see the impact, including proving dental care, school clothes and supplies, and scholarships for the local children.