Going global requires more than selecting a language for translation. It requires a market-driven multilingual content marketing strategy to really reach your potential.

Welocalize’s “Global Guide for Content Marketers” offers some quick references, fun facts and easy tips to help global marketers begin the journey into driving awareness, expanding reach, and effectively engaging a “local” audience around the world. The guide is broken into 10 regions. Here is a look at the chapter highlighting tips for Latin America. 

Content Marketing Tips for Latin America

Latin America consists of 20 sovereign states and multiple territories, starting from northern Mexico to the tip of South America. Though there are common languages that will reach the majority of Latin Americans, who speak and read Portuguese or Spanish, there are regions that are predominantly French-speaking. Each South American country has a different culture and may respond differently to marketing messages, so research your target markets.

Tip #1: Non-verbal gestures are not universal. The “OK” sign is considered rude in Brazil. A “thumbs up” is more appropriate. In many world cultures, pointing is impolite, so it is best to avoid it entirely in images. If you wish to convey a gesture, use the entire hand. This is especially important if you wish to draw the customer’s attention to a “sale” button or “subscribe” within email campaigns.

Tip #2: Colorful meanings. Latin America has a strong affinity to colors in marketing. White, blue and red references are often positive; whereas, yellow represents death and brown has a negative connotation in many South American countries.

Tip #3: Text me a video. In South America, 49% of consumers use mobile messaging and 38% watch videos online. YouTube is one of the most popular sites in Latin America.

Tip #4: Booming ecommerce. In 2016, Latin America’s top 500 web merchants increased web sales by 15.4%, up from $22.22 billion in 2015 and $19.25 billion in 2014.

Tip #5: Top social market. Brazil is considered a top emerging market. It is responsible for 10% of total time spent on social media globally, following the United States.

Top Search Engines: Google, Conduit, Yahoo and Bing.

Key Social Media Channels: Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Taringa!

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