5 Must-Watch Sessions for Regulated Industries from Welocalize’s Let’s Go On-Demand Summit 2021

welocalize March 7, 2022

Welocalize has always believed in helping the industry identify upcoming trends and challenges. Making our industry expert-led sessions accessible for all is a step toward helping managers across industries identify change and strategize by following the shifts. 

Here are 5 must-watch sessions for regulated industries from Welocalize’s Let’s Go On-Demand Summit: 

1. Global Healthcare Challenges in 2022  

COVID-19 has established a new sense of normality, with organizations worldwide rethinking their operations and approaches towards clinical trials and healthcare. With the growth of technological solutions, experts are predicting larger shifts surrounding digital health, remote healthcare services and digitizing data transactions, enabling patients with remote treatment and monitoring.  

Join key life sciences industry leaders, Alexander Mann, Translation Project Coordination, Bayer, and Dr. Dave Yates, Director Regulatory Affairs CMC & Operations, Abbott, as they take a deep dive into the outlook for 2022 and the challenges that lie ahead for global healthcare.  

You can watch and rewatch the session to gain insights on the healthcare trends for the coming year and beyond. View the session here. 

2. Localization and Translation for Highly Regulated Industries 

Requirements for GDPR, PIPL, HIPAA and other regulations are part of every highly regulated area, for legal, life sciences and financial. The nuances on how expectations have changed over time, the focus on using an evidence-based approach, and preserving customer intent, aim to answer one of the main concerns about data protection during translation. 

Welocalize experts, Cony Rolon, Delivery Operations Director, Salim Catrina, VP, Quality Systems & Operations, and Silvie Peric, Director of Quality Systems & Strategy, share essential insights around how you can ensure your localizations and translations remain high quality and compliant.  

Catch up with this 30-minute session here. 

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3. Centralizing the Adverse Events Translation Process 

Regulatory markets are varied and constantly evolving, and with the rise of big data, there is a staggering amount of information to process. Therefore, navigating the pharmacovigilance environment has become complex and challenging for any company looking to expand access to their therapy worldwide. 

Sergey Chupetlovski, Case Management Liaison Manager, Bayer, joins Welocalize’s Global Director Client Solutions, Marta Motta, sharing how Bayer streamlined its language services for adverse events with Welocalize.  

In this session, they examine the partnership between Bayer and Welocalize as well as essential trends and potential challenges the pharmacovigilance (PV) industry will face in 2022. View the session here. 

If you are interested in learning more about navigating the challenges of global pharmacovigilance, Welocalize Life Sciences has prepared an outline offering support if you are looking to launch your drug in international markets. Learn more here. 

4. Will Machine Translation Replace Human Translators? 

Although legal operations within the life sciences industry are less likely to be associated with the adoption of machine translation, the combination between human and machine for legal translation is not only possibly but highly recommended following globalization and the continuous growth of multilingual cross-border litigation.  

In this 30-minute session, join our Welocalize experts Alan Yu, IP Translation Manager, Patent Attorney, Allen Yang, Business Development Director, Michael Zeng, Senior Project Manager, and Nicole Wang, Translation Lead, as they examine the role of machine translation and how you can use MT to complement human translations and become more efficient. Watch here. 

Discover additional insights on this topic from this article for Attorney at Work. Benjamin Roberts, Director of Business Development, Welocalize, shares how humans and machines can work together to streamline the legal translation process.  

5. Entertain Us: Multimedia Localization in 2022

Digitalization has brought in a radical shift in the traditional learning and training landscape. Generation Y has constant access to the internet. This is the generation that prefers learning and entertainment through multimedia. With increased access to multimedia, the demand for localization of content has also increased. 

Entertain Us: Multimedia Localization in 2022 is a lively panel discussion that covers emerging topics for anyone working with global multimedia. What influence does generation Y have? What role will AI have in multimedia production? 

The discussion features industry experts as panelists: Chris Fetner, Managing Director, Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA), Esther Bond, Research Director, Slator, Michael Anderson, Multimedia Manager, Welocalize, and Mandy Morgan, Client Director, Welocalize. View the session here. 

To learn more about this topic and increase engagement in your e-learning courses, our Playbook: Localizing the E-Learning Experience, is available to download now. 

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